Zena Rommett Floor Barre® saved my life! Literally. When I felt emotionally and physically unable to return to taking my beloved ballet classes after a six year absence from dance and two pregnancies that left me unable to walk down the street pain free, my first brave 'balletic class' back was a Floor-Barre® one. After only three Floor-Barre® classes I was confident enough to start taking regular ballet classes again because my alignment, feeling of body length and correct placement had improved so dramatically. There was no more pain in my right hip, as if by magic, and the correct muscle groups started working again that would support me at the barre and doing center work in class. Zena's genius allowed my body to move in the correct way that it was meant to naturally and therefore cured my ailments that had plagued me for so long as I have, unknowingly, used my body in the wrong way. It is thanks to Zena that I am able to move and dance better than ever before in my life and, for the first time, truly understand how the body works. It is magic!

Dancer, Melinda Jackson



Chiara Gorodesky


New York, New York

Email: chiarakantor@hotmail.com​