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Milan (LOM) Italy
Email: chiara.rigolli@gmail.com

Zena Rommet Floor-Barre® Technique® was my doorway back into the incredible world of dance, following a break from my professional dance career.  The more I experienced the technique through the precious Floor-Barre® mentors, the more my desire for knowledge and well-being grew and for me to become the one to teach Floor-Barre®.  The purity of the technique, the work of lengthening, elevation and projection, the essential deep concentration and connection of the body, mind and soul, allows us to reach a deep consciousness and creates a new perception of the body, physical and mental balance.  It's extraordinary how, “just” lying on the floor, your body can change and improve; and you perfectly feel it when you stand!  It's a big and deep change of perspective: you look at the sky, that becomes the place you tend to.  By teaching I deeply hope to encourage people starting this wonderful and challenging path to the discovery of our depths self, both mental and physical, always firmly connected.  I consider it a challenge but above all a great privilege to be part of the Zena Rommet family and to be able to continue this precious heritage of knowledge and beauty in return.

Dancer, Melinda Jackson