I am a ballet and contemporary dancer and I started working with movement since the early age of 4 when I began my training taking rhythmic gymnastic classes.  Zena Rommett Floor Barre® has proved to be a revolutionary step in my training bringing to my body astonishing and necessary changes that years of different techniques could not provide. Zena Rommett mastery technique equipped my dancing body as well as my general physicality with  length, alignment and strength and is now a fundamental in my training. Maximising the (dance) technique, I personally feel it frees the artistic expression.  I strongly recommend it to the professional dancer, the pre-professionals, children, and to whoever is serious about undertaking a professional dance career. It provides a strong and effective basis in the prevention and recovery of injuries, and is highly effective and suitable on everyone body from the young to the elderly. You don’t need to believe it works to see the results, once you try it you will believe in its magic!!!

Mara Brami

2019 2018

Mara Brami, Floor Barre® at the Fountain of Trevi

London, UK / France
Email: marabrami@yahoo.it

Dancer, Melinda Jackson