Dancer, Melinda Jackson


A S K   C A M I L L E 

Q: I am a ballet teacher. Which DVD would be best to help me teach Floor-Barre® to my students?

A: Our DVDs show what Zena teaches and allows Zena's students to continue the work while on tour or for those living outside New York. If you want to learn how to teach Floor-Barre® as originated by Zena you must be certified. Once certified, the DVDs can assist you in teaching the technique.

Q: I currently offer yoga and Pilates classes, and would like to become certified in Floor-Barre® to incorporate Floor-Barre® into my sessions. Is this okay?

A: The Zena Rommett Foundation requires to certify teachers who intend to teach the Floor-Barre® as developed by Zena Rommett over the past four decades.  Zena was a purists.  The seminars provide a unique opportunity to share in Zena's insights, and to experience Floor-Barre® training in its purest form.  Floor-Barre® is a Trademarked and Registered Technique and protected under law.  It is imperative to Board of Directors,  Floor-Barre® Mentors and myself that the technique is taught in its purity.  Please see our CERTIFICATION page for more information.

Q: Which Floor-Barre® exercises can help with bowlegs?

A: Lengthening the legs, one or two at a time will correct the line of the leg. With a sense of connection

between the two legs, like a magnetic feeling, as you lengthen them, they will be supported in correcting

themselves to a straighter and longer line.  Floor-Barre® is a holistic approach to body wellness emphasizing

the importance of the whole, rather than analysis or dissection of its parts.  Floor-Barre® concentrates on the

whole body, sequentially correcting alignment and strengthening joints and muscles, thus fundamental

physical problems and ailments are addressed. 

Q: Can I really understand the Technique enough in the five-day seminar to teach it?

A: The five day training is an intensive INTRODUCTION designed by Zena to train her teachers.  A deeper understanding is gained be returning for recertification, and it is particularly beneficial for teachers of students               who are advancing in their technique or for teachers who work in injury prevention and rehabilitation.The more             you return the deeper understanding you gain. To encourage you to do so we reduce the fee for returning              trainees, and eventually the Floor-Barre® Mentors receive a fee.

Q: I am an adult beginner. Which DVD would be best for me?

A: Series VI.  We have a DVD out for non-dancers, so EVERYONE can enjoy the benefits of Floor-Barre®.                         My personal favorite total workout is Series VII for Active Elders.

Q: I do not feel comfortable giving my credit card information on the internet?  How can I get a DVD?

A: You can send a check or money order to ZRFBF, 112 Charlton Street, Suite 1N, New York, NY 10014

Q: Does Zena have a book on Floor-Barre®?

A: Yes, it is completed.  I am looking into publishers.