​Mexico 2019 Floor-Barre® Certification (Tulum)

I have been studying and performing ballet since the age of eight in Italy and in the UK. After different injuries I discovered Zena Rommet Floor-Barre® via one of its longstanding mentors, Nina Thilas-Mohs in London in 2008, and it helped me to be able to continue to dance without causing any further damage to my body. In fact, it helped me to heal my injuries, improve my dancing, my body awareness and gain placement, balance and strength. 


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Dancer, Melinda Jackson

After studying Floor-Barre® for almost ten years, I decided to do the certification in Paris in July 2017 to find out more about this great technique, learn from different teachers and start to teach (as that is also one of the best way to learn) in order to share it with others who, I know, will also find it very beneficial.

It took me a while to really understand Floor-Barre
® but I have benefited from it enormously. Floor-Barre® helps me to strengthen my core muscles, lengthen my legs, spine, and arms; increase my turnout and flexibility and it’s the perfect warm up for a ballet class. If I do a ballet class without Floor-Barre® everything aches, I don’t feel ready and placed – but after Floor-Barre® I am so placed, aligned, turnout and ready for ballet. 

As I have been recovering from injuries, Floor-Barre
® has really helped me to understand my body better, how to use it in the right way to avoid further injuries and maximize my strength and flexibility – without forcing it.

I firmly believe that Zena Rommett Floor-Barre
® is a fantastic technique that helps dancers and non-dancers lengthening their bodies, strengthen their core muscles, improve their core stability, flexibility, body awareness and alignment.

London, England UK
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