Dancer, Melinda Jackson


I trained as a ballet dancer in France, working away from the barre, lying or sitting on the floor has always been part of the training. 

When I moved to London, I was looking for something similar, to work on my placement, improve my technique and help with hip issues. That's when I discovered Zena Rommett Floor Barre
®, in Nina Thilas-Mohs class.  It changed my life as a dancer.  Nothing I had done before was that beneficial, complete and genuine.  From that day, I never stopped going to class.

As a dancer, my whole understanding and awareness of my body and movement changed for the better. As a ballet teacher, it just made me understand how much simpler (not easier) technique could be and how many more progress my students could do in a same period of time. 

After more than a year of regular Floor Barre
® classes, when I started to really feel the technique and the ideas beneath it in my body, I went on to take my first Floor Barre® certification, and once again, haven't stopped since. 

Small things can make the difference, and small things can be and mean everything.

Lyons, France

Email: yaghvali.falzari@gmail.com


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